Clipping, Line adjusting, WHAT!?!?!?



So, I’ve played CFP a few times. But, sometimes I would die because a line just suddenly changed and blocked me off! I would also notice people clipping through death zones!! What is with that?


It can happen that you sometimes see people suddenly “jumping” from one position to another, this happens if you have a lag spike (your internet is slow for a short period of time), and then you receive the actions that the opponents did 1-2 seconds ago (eg. you receive that 1 second ago player X went left instead of straight, so the game adjusts accordingly).

You can press ~ on your keyboard to enable the game performance metrics, you will see in the top-right corner stats about your FPS (how good the game runs on your PC) and Latency (how good your internet connection is to our servers). A good FPS value is above 50 and a good Latency is below 100.

What do you mean by “clipping through death zones” ? Players can not go through lines, only if they jump or leave a gap.


People were crossing through their own lines. (but the game did kill them at the point they clipped through later on)
This is an image of someone clipping in a game I recently played.