CLANS in the game



I have idea about clans in the game! On the left from nick, all will see specjal name (#tag like in cf2!)
Clan create will be cost 500-1k gems (developers gain money, because who from the players do not want a clan?!) and being in a clan will be unique

Creator of clan will be have permissions to give ranks to the members! And clan can play vs other clan! Big tournaments, and more! Ranking of clans, group 2 vs 2, and more!

What u think about it? :slight_smile:


I like it, but how much will it cost to join a clan, or is it free?


Couuuuld be quite interesting :smiley:



Should be free to join a clan right?


Its a very nice idea for the future, but before we can think about a clan system, we need custom games with working team-gameplay.


Nice idea Ozzzj, but as banto said, team games should be introduced before anything else. It is the backbone of custom games, the reason why thousands played cf2 over the years.

Also, paying in order to create a clan is a very good idea. Making it a premium feature limits players from creating too many clans, giving it more value. As for the tag part; I personally think a clan tag should only be assigned by the clan leader. This was true on the cf2 clan page, however while in-game you had millions of accounts just copying the tag of original members although they were not registered on the clan page… basically fakes.

So only clan owners and “real” members should be allowed to wear tags.


Clan wars could be nice!