Christmas Time



I wanted to make it exciting :frowning:


Your effort was amzing @anja :heart_eyes: i def got it

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A donation for a christmas present :gift::christmas_tree::joy::candy:


I think we call this buying gems? Or maybe you donate 10€ for a skin as a present :’)


That is what i was referring to :heart_eyes:


Best idea - 1 gem per player on Christmas. That way, everyone gets something on CFP.

Also, thanks to @Line for all the positive feedback


Lol Dev office is located near hotels, and the Tourist information center! When I go to Amsterdam, that’s where im going:)


yeah I definitely want to go there if I visit Amsterdam, and meet some devs xD. Is that actually possible? Can fans/ Visitors come there maybe? And get a small tour? xD I mean if they message you ahead of time?


They are blessed bc are living in the weed’s paradise :smoking: . I think never could visit them ,hence only could photoshop myself with one of those studio pics


Yes, only if you bring cookies though! :cookie:
We’ve had people come by before.


What kind of cookies we talking about though? Chocolate chip, or sugar cookies?!


But chocolate chip are the best.
And if they are warm (freshly baked) that’s even better!


I’ll stop by in a couple of years with all of the cookies the States can offer


i would so bring yall cookies with about 20 dollars under the cookies
Cause this game is so good i want to donate to you guys personally


Ah yes, those are the greatest! I love when they are nice an doughy in the middle if you get what im talking about. I’ll bring over a batch in idk maybe in a few years when i’m available?




Yeahhhhhhhhhh :heart_eyes:


Can any Dev except rojoss please confirm that he does work. Or does he go out and buy cookies from our donation?


He probably runs out gets cookies, and only returns with crumbs left.