Christmas Time



A big thank you in 2018 to…

Geert for being the almighty god of curve fever
Rojoss for showing the real meaning behind cookies
NoFlavor to put up with my memes
XCS for letting all of us realize how beautiful the cookie is on the inside
Sojabird for leading the black pearl into dangerous seas
Jort for giving all us of the opportunity to shout JORT with pride

the moderator team for helping me to handle 2 awesome game communities
44FrenchFries for ressisting my propaganda about belgian fries
Dragonfyre for posting so much, I can keep myself entertained any time
Bot for giving us the daily gifs and spam
Lang V for being the noob he is
Wilde Reuns for accepting me to write WILLLLDEE REUUUUUNS
Paul_21cl for dealing with my ETS streams and posting rojoss memes
Rice/Dreams for liking all my posts
YouTube for making its own video the most disliked, on their own platform
the nubs for writing “your mum” and “help admen” in the chat

The community for being so awesome… :heart:


i want to thank everyone involved with curve fever. Since i discovered curve fever in 2017 august or september, I have been so happy.
it’s one of the best games i have ever played.


Thanks <3


ok i will do as other player…

thank to @Geert for creating a amazing game (bad sometimes)
thank to @NoFlavor because it was the best mod
thank to @averazon for being bad at the game
thank to my arrow for begin the only usuable keys on my keyboard
thank to legolas for letting me 1st place
thank to @VIDMAN for creating an amzing tour (that we’ll win)
thank to my sister for always wasting all my gems in the game when she is angry
thank to @Paul_21cl, @Rice and @44FrenchFries for liking almost all my comments
thank to @IWasInBeta for being a such nice guy
thank to Paul_21cl and @Caracoleh767 for being nice friend c:
thank to @Owl cuz he will forever be the best tour mod
thank to the trigger bomb to be the best item
and i final thank to every single curver that said im hacker, mother ******, pay to win, no life player and FOCUS HOHOHO


cookies for a skin? :smirk:


Must be some damn good cookies then :yum:


Gimme gems :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: I have only one gem. :’(


pfff I don’t have time to make cookies :frowning:


@hohoho Don’t worry, you ain’t useless. We all value your addition to the community.


Oh no @hohoho , i’m not saying that your useless, I mean that in a good way. Like you always can talk and play! YOU ARE NOT USELESS, You are probable best player who plays with only 1 account.


Hey guess what? Today is my birthday! I’m turning 14 now. :heart_eyes:

I also wanted to compliment the developers for making the game alive for months on end. I have never seen a game change more times than the other games I’ve played. I wanted to thank you for helping me enjoy this wonderful game. Yeah, sure – this game is broken – but that didn’t stop me from playing almost weekly. Without further ado, let’s cheer for them! :blush::clap:


Happy Birthday fellow man who lives in my state! Im turning 14 soon!


I want to thank all of you for being welcome (and not hating me for me being me {a lot of people IRL do})
I want to thank my school for not blocking this game or forum (if I disappear thats what happened)
I want to thank the devs for creating the best damn free browser game I have ever played
and last but not least I want to thank everyone for being so nice and listening to the input I make!!

LOVE YOU GUYS :grinning::grinning::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart:

can i have gems for these @Rojoss?


Only real cookies! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Already thought of sending you some italian cookies :joy: but i think the might not be good anymore once they traveled that far north :joy:


Can i buy cookies? :blush:


but i live far away (btw what country are you in)?




do you know what country the devs are in?


Dev Office is in South Pole!

No its in Amsterdam and that’s in Anja’s link. Anja, you could have just said Amsterdam:)