Christmas Event




Still a while to go, just wanted to inform you guys that I have already gotten some dope drawings :heart_eyes: keep them coming :christmas_tree:


With a little more then a week to go, I’d like to remember that there might still be a big chance to win in any of the two competitions. Submit your artwork/camps :muscle:


i draw a snail for the christmas drawing contest, but then i realise i have to draw something about christmas. i guess i have to start over with a better idea :smile:


Current camping standings updated :joy:


10 seconds? I guess someone wants 150 gems for free :joy:


I send my camp @Line


Didn’t get anything :stuck_out_tongue:


Check it if its in spam or somewhere, i used to send it cause it was to big. If u will check spam and everything and still wont find it i will resend it.


Definitely nothing :stuck_out_tongue:


damn it is really bugged :confused:


put it on google drive and send me the link :wink:

#36 that should work :stuck_out_tongue:


Yup !
I send one mail for each contest.
Can i know if you have received them and if they are accepted ?


Line am i in christmas event that you sended too me


Is it possible to have the current standings updated ?


how do you tape the recording of you camping live?


If you are on Windows 10, you could use the imported Xbox screen recording software by pressing WIN+ ALT + G (or WIN+ ALT + R to start immediately). If you aren’t, you will have to install a screen recording software such as: camtasia, obs, bandicam, etc.


Line did you get my camping video


Yup, got it, but cannot accept it since you used powers, which are not allowed in the camping contest.