Christmas Event



:christmas_tree: Christmas Event :christmas_tree:

Hi everyone :wave:

December :snowman_with_snow: is coming closer and closer and with it being Christmas. Just like last year, I will host a Christmas event. Beside the monthly Official Tournament; this time around :two: events will take place. You will be able to win some prizes as well :gift:!

1) Christmas drawing contest :christmas_tree: :pencil2:

Create a solo custom match. The playing field is the canvas and your curve :cfp: is the color. All modules allowed! Draw something about Christmas (:christmas_tree:, :gift:, …) and take a screenshot of your drawing. Send the screenshot to [email protected]. The winners :trophy: will be determined in an anonymous voting by the CurveFever community. The prizes are 150/100/50 gems for the best 3 drawings! Good luck and have fun everyone :joy:. Thanks to @Ambroz37 for this idea!

Update: Only one drawing per person allowed!

:warning: VOTE HERE: Christmas Drawing Voting

Deadline: 20-12-2019 00:00 Amsterdam Time

2) Christmas camping contest :christmas_tree: :camping:

Create a solo custom match and survive as long as you can in one round. No modules allowed! Hint: Make a giant circle :wink:. Send the recording (only life recordings, no recordings of replays will be accepted) of your best camp to [email protected]. Who survives longest in one round wins! The prizes will be 150/100/50 gems for the 3 best campers! Good luck and have fun :heart:! Thanks to @Alpha for this idea!

Update: Only life recordings of the camp will count, no replays!

Deadline: 20-12-2019 00:00 Amsterdam Time

Current Standings:

  • 1st: -Unknown- 11:52 min :1st_place_medal:

  • 2nd: 74R45 10:36 min :2nd_place_medal:

  • 3rd: lag 9:38 min :3rd_place_medal:

  • 4th: OogaBooga 5:56 min

  • 5th: Dreams 4:36 min

  • 6th: Noodles 0:10 min

Hope you guys will have fun in doing these contests! I am hyped to see the results :heart_eyes: get creative and talk to you soon!

Lil early, but merry Christmas to you all :blush:


Hey Line! I think it would be more competitive and interesting for camping contest if you put online best three results to the moment (without names). I mean if someone sent you 9’30’’ camp and two others sent 9’25’’ and 9’20’’ then it would be definitely more interesting to try to beat their time knowing it. Otherwise you will just send your 9’19’’ and would think that it’s good :smiley:


Well camping is fucking boring and has no relevance in cfpro GG.


@NICK good idea! I will add a top 3 to the topic once I get the first results!

@Cat_Curver I appreciate your opinion, but honestly I don’t give a f :joy: some people in the community love to survive and camp and they asked me for a while to make something like this.


@Line LOL you actually used my idea for this thing, thanks haha :stuck_out_tongue: Can we send unlimited number of drawings and camps? :thinking:


i think we may get better times on camp contest,just like improving in a pole position session,and the more drawings we make ,more possibilities of success we gonna haveπŸ˜‰



I am sorry for annoying you with this but I am concerned of some things. Yesterday, 74R45, a player from Curve Fever Pro, pointed out the truth about speed of curving in replays: it is slower than in game. I tested that and it seems to be true. For example, I had a result of 11 minutes and 35 minutes in game and 12 minutes and 41 minutes on replay. It means the speed of replay (with 1X speed) is about ~0.913 of speed of real time (you can find exact number by dividing 695 by 761). It means that if players would be allowed to send recording of their best rounds or the link to the replay there will be flaws in making them into right order.

I think there are few options how to handle this:

  • Only matchlinks of replays will be accepted or the opposite, only recordings of best rounds.

  • The survived time on replay will be multiplied by approximately 0.913 and the time on recordings of game will be left same.

These 2 would make the most sense for me. Also, I am not sure if 0.913 is correct, because I have not tested it more, if someone tests it as well and gets another result, let me know!

I am not trying to annoy you with this, I am trying to help you.



Updated the rules:

  1. Only one drawing per player!
  2. Only life recordings of your camp will count, no replays!


Thank you for changing the rules. It will work out good now.


Okay, I know I promissed you not to ask you any more questions, but still, I am curious.

  1. Does the video of full camp need to be sent via fail or could be sent through YouTube? (I mean by that YouTube link, where is recording of the full camp I want to send).
  2. Will you upload recordings of camps to YouTube?
  3. Will all camp times be published?
  4. Will you substract 11 seconds from β€œRound Time” thing if camp is done in 1st round and 4 seconds if camp is done in 2nd round or following rounds?
  5. Will it be possible for people to record other people? For example when a friend cannot record themselves, then could a friend of them record it and send it to them and they would send it to you?


what if the camp contest is made on direct,to speed up the process,there need to be tour moderators to keep the order and guarantee the exact time of each camp,thus every player might be able to improve their performance ,just like a pole position session :wink:
regards. :grin: :grin:


I doubt anyone will try to cheat like this. :joy:


Yes, it is true that they can improve, but they should send a recording of their best camp in the end so they cannot improve anymore after this before the competition is over. :joy:

  1. File only!
  2. No!
  3. No only current top 3!
  4. No!
  5. No!

And If you ask one more stupid thing or annoy me in the slightest, I will cancel it!


When is the next Christmas Tournament?


The tournament will be announced soon and will be in the first 2 weeks of December. More info coming soon!


can i draw my name? its related to Xmas no?


i think @BIGDROJAS already did it,dont remember where i saw it though,hence wouldn’t be that original in this case but needless that is completely necessary that drawing by the original author xd,and who knows,hoho as double xmas contest winner lmao


full camping is literally a game of β€œwho has patience to go in circles for 15 minutes” No real game lasts that long. In the game i like surviving - its a test of turning ability pathfinding and squeezing through gaps. Full camping like this is just a test of who has a stable internet connection and who has the patience and skill to do something straight up not required in cfpro… gg to the players who have the patience to spend more than 15 minutes going in circles. Or for those with my level of internet, 1+ hrs because the internet is our best friend.


I had no patience in 1 minute each round tbh,despite i ain’t good ,mostly i killed myself early ,but camp contest is like a beauty contest,i’ve seen wonderful camps thoughout every single cf game,i like also duo or even trio camps :joy: :joy:,im kinda weirdo