Choose the power of the next Tournement!



Heya! :pentagon: Thanks to everyone that voted in the previous poll, the date of the tournement should be on saturday 18th as most of you wanted it this way (over 50% more votes :open_mouth: )

And as promised, we are also going to let the community choose for 4 combos that are gonna be used throughout the tournament. 2 of these combos will be taken from discord and 2 from the forum. :trophy:

There are no restriction on the combos that can be taken, everything will be taken under consideration and have equal chance to win.
You can choose:
2 specific powers, categories of power (blue, red, etc), only 1 power/none or anything else that comes to your mind :thinking:

To submit your ideal choice, you can either:

-DM me on discord (hohoho#4050) or in game

-Write the combo on discord, in the #tournaments channel (tag @hohoho#4050 to make sure I dont miss any :slightly_smiling_face:)

-Comment your combo on the forum

*You can submit your idea until friday, 10th December 23:59 CEST

Hope to recieve many ideas :smiley:


Speed Burst + Angles


Any purple in front (except for homing) and any fever back. Thatโ€™s gonna be fun!


Teleport + Homing


speed burst and time bomb on the back




One Shot + Speed Burst (any order, or if thats not possible then oneshot on top)


double shot n jump