Choose the date of the next Tournement!


Hello Curvers! :cfp: We are back with a new official tournament and this time we want to make things different, hosting a special tour and letting the community choose the date and the powers! :trigon:

We will start off with a poll for the date of the tournament (you can vote on the forum or discord but please only vote on one of them). Deadline is Wednesday, 8th December at 20:00 CEST

You can vote for as many dates as you want. :slight_smile:
Choices are as follows:

  • Saturday, 18th December
  • Sunday, 19th December
  • Sunday, 2th January
  • Saturday, 8th January
  • Sunday, 9th January

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If 8th or 9th is choosen, we will try to host an 8 player ffa all power tournament to reduce waiting time

*Please note that the date is not guaranteed if not enough mods can make it that day

More information will be released in the following days, so stay tuned :stuck_out_tongue:


btw why are tours always on sunday? wont it be easier on saturday? bc some people have to wake up early for school on the next morning


Yeah I don’t understand why they are on Sundays especially when some people (including me) might not be able to make it because of religious services


Because overall people are more free on sundays, sure there is religious contraints but its why they are hosted at 20 pm ( unless you are american). People tend to not work as much on sundays


But its also the point of the poll, to test if we can host this one and potentially more tours in the future on saturdays