Choose my power ups!



In this wacky forum game, I want you to reply with two power ups you would like me to use in a quickplay match. I will then play a quick play match with those powerups and send you the replay. Although I may lose a few trophy’s because of this, it’s gonna be really fun! :smiley:


Speed and brake :no_mouth:


I lost my diamond rank for this, but it was totally worth it :joy:


how about u use quad shot and trigger bomb


welp, here we go


@Firedragon use Angle Turn and Time BOMB 03%20PM 59%20PM


I kinda feel bad cuz I gave him like the worst combo ever…


Pretty much yea :joy::rofl:


And I’m pretty sure I made Skunk lose his grand master when I got into a match with him.


If only this worked :slightly_frowning_face:


I suggest the plain old shield hideseld :smirk:


finally i win one :joy:


well this didn’t go well :joy:


brake and angle turns


Speed and Angle Turns; say bye to your diamond rank lmao


Unlike everyone else here I actually want you to win. Shield and Hideself is a good one but the rest are evil af.

I challenge you to homing + doubleshot (or scatter if you dont have double). As for how to play this combo, try to stay away from others and only use doubleshot if someone is close. Most your points should come from homing.


I’ll give you easy,

I would have gave you hard but thanks to @Line changing my mind

So uh this is what I use I think its op, time bomb front side shot back


Maybe new combo thx to me?


Thanks! :smiley: