Choose My combo part 2



So this is the same thing as firedragon’s. U choose my combo and i will use it in a game and show u the replay (if i remember to). I just don’t care for rank and this will be rlly fun.


I would suggest Teleport + Power burst. But if you don’t have Teleport, then I suggest 180 + Speed burst.


I suggest u shield + trippy fever


corner + 180


Scatter Shot and Hide Self


Double Shot + Multi Shot


Im level 45 right now. :joy: So i dont have teleport, 180, Double/Multi shot :cry:


i was doing well at first but messed up at the end.


Nice combo would have won if had not gotten surrounded by zap and scattershotters


U did VERY GOOD!!!


thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


Guys I am deranking to paper right now, so please suggest ur combos a bit later.


ok i wont


Now u all can suggest combos as am not deranking anymore :slight_smile:


I suggest ya hide - speeeeeeeeeedd


Lol i was about to do that anyways :rofl:


WON :sunglasses:


reviving this dead topic. YOU CAN STILL SUGGEST COMBOS. And i also have all the powers now.


portal + corner (had one win w it xD)

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Brake and teleport in the back. Its not a very good combo but it is fun.