Chillout OST music by me



I made this for a Game called Bulletsight (which failed). Heavily inspired by Mirrors Edge OST.


Nice but that is 5 months old… So why are you posting it now? (3hoursago)


Because its one of my best works and its a lot easier to listen to compared to my other/newer songs. I also haven’t been active in the community like i used to so idk wanted to just show what i do i guess. spice up off-topic thread.


Ok :slight_smile:


Nice one! The offbeats are a lil heavy to chill out but I guess that is just my opinion :joy:


I had to log back in to comment on this! I love it, also had a listen to your newer stuff - I don’t think it’s difficult to listen to at all. If you like it that’s all that matters, and naturally there will be others out there that will also like it and I think it sounds great with the down tempo.

Your most recent track is posted with “if this doesn’t come out good please forgive me” in the description. I actually really enjoyed it. Please don’t doubt yourself - you have a great talent! As an artist I know exactly what it feels like to criticise your own work and never being truly happy with it but you should definitely be posting your art with confidence my friend because it sounds awesome and you have talent! <3 Keep it up!



sounds good, do you upload your music to Spotify?


ty so much :slight_smile: <3 ill keep them coming


Working on getting a distrokid setup so i can get them on platforms but ive been busy with uni and havent had the time to do it.


That’s a good shout, it’s worth also paying a few bucks to a promoter on soundcloud once you’ve released your music. Get some exposure from 1 or 2 of your best tracks using one of the large repost channels. Then you can direct followers to spotify/itunes from there. Good luck!


Many thanks! :smiley:


No problem, don’t forget to register PRO (I don’t know if distrokid do that for you?) You wanna make sure you still get royalties if your tracks are used without permission. There are people out there, businesses even that will steal your music if they know it’s not copyrighted because they know that in a court of law you wouldn’t have any power. It’s sad, you don’t want that to happen. <3