Cheater in Curve Fever Pro



I would like to complain about a player with nickname qatareq who uses cheats in the game, thanks to which his shots hit opponents practically every time. I would also like to draw attention to the ban that I received for insults and harassment of this player. It was he who first started provoking me and other players by writing “ez win” comments on the chat. Of course, I made a mistake of letting myself provoke, but in my opinion he crossed the border saying that “if I knew the truth about my father, I would like to die.” I believe that the ban for the 5 days I received is too high penalty and it would be the most just to remove it or to punish qatareq with the same penalty. My nick in game is “Cpunek”. I hope for a quick response and a fair resolution of this conflict. Thank you in advance for your time.


As for your ban, if you are not happy with it feel free to contact the support team!

By right clicking on the name you can report a player. If you think he is cheating report him and the mods will take a closer look. We will check the players games and decide wheather we take action or not!