Chat activated, no warning message



When game starts, and I have active chat, there is no information next to your ship about this event.

Normally when you start to type during gameplay, you will get pop up of message next to your ship:
“Your chat is still open!”
Or smth like that.

Personally, I play this game with 2 hands: where Right-hand is for steering on the Arrow Keys on the keyboard (Left and Right Arrows), and Left-Hand is using powerups on W and S buttons. It makes me frustrated each time when I forgot to unactivate chat area, before round start, so when I try to use powerup with W or S buttons - it’s already too late, as instead of use one of the powerups I’m unwillingly/accidentally start to chat.

Could you please fix that with constantly displayed message next to user’s ship with “Your chat is still open!” always when chatarea is activated?

That would help me a lot, and not only me.