Chat Absuse, an Oddysee


I know that the game has been sold and will likely be closing down, so this probably doesn’t matter, but I wanted to give some feedback in general on the topic of chat abuse.

I have been known to respond in kind- when someone abuses the chat, and I have been warned and had my chat cut off and been temp banned a few times.

I think the issue is, for me at least, when other players (usually ones who are losing) decide to get angry about it and attempt to write random abuse, and I should just mute them, but as far as I’m concerned there’s a profanity filter for a reason, so why are some people like myself on the receiving end of the stick when we are simply responding to idiots?

I know, mute and move on, but sometimes it’s enjoyable to call a moron a moron.

Take Perny, for instance who said they have reported me, probably because I responded in kind, after they got angry with me for hitting them with a speed fever and decided to tell me to leave, over and over and started saying I was a clown. I tried to tell them it was just a game, they said I was focusing on them, so then I did focus on them and gave them some grief back. They ran off and I found them in another game and wiped the floor with them (coming second in the processm but it’s only points in a game).

I’ve seen racist and transphobic stuff, homophobic stuff and all kinds of horrible things, yet you ban and block people responding to these cretins. That’s my feedback.

Solutions: why not just ban continued abusers from the chat- for very extended periods of time? Or why not ask these people what was going on, instead of seemingly basing everything of ‘he said a few bad words’.

Anyway, what does it matter, not like this thing has long left anyway.



Mein Limneticv.



When you receive abuse in the chat, you can of course mute the person but mostly you are welcome to report them through the in-game tool, so that their behaviour can be checked and that they receive the appropriate punishment. Responding in kind, “calling a moron a moron”, and going as far as to harass the other player by following them to another room in response to their initial insult, makes you (or anyone who does that) a highly toxic element, that is definitely the worst way to go and will lead to you getting punished instead - which is a stupid ending to the story indeed. If you cannot keep your conversation above the decency line, then it is advised that you stay silent. We have processes and punishments to take care of the people who abuse the chat all too much. Just report and move on.


Yeah, I forgot defending oneself was highly toxic. I mean, the game is modded so very well.

Seemingly however nobody can answer why there’s a profanity filter if it’s wrong to profane.