Change Controls In-Game


So my right arrow-key literally broke. (I have a Mac) and it literally broke in half 30 minutes ago (a perfect split, actually, maybe that can be an indicator that it already was a defect, so when I go get it fixed, I might get it under warranty??).

So, yea, unfortunate for me.

But, is there a way to change the button to control the right movement in the game? Just like in CF3, different keys on the board (or simply mouseX, mouseY) could be a substitute for the left & right arrow keys?

(No, I can’t use the WASD Keys, don’t mention those!)




Maybe I’ll invest in a new Mac…
Along with new Earplugs, as my right side has broken once more.

How lovely…


uuhm, you can only use arrow keys and wasd. There is no feature where you can change your keys. :frowning:


I would recommend you to buy a real Pc and donate the left money to Curve Fever instead.


As Anja said it’s currently not possible to do so.
Best thing you could do is use a key remap program.

Just did a quick search and this one showed up
But there might be better ones, just have a look around :wink:


Unfortunately, I’d like to be able to move my computer and use it outside! A laptop will only suffice.

And… this one mac lasted me 6 years. Good enough :stuck_out_tongue:

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