Chance to be in a yt video



All you have to do is like this post and reply saying ¨ Can i be in your video¨

my yt channel


video your in be i can


Hi @VoidBeatbox,

I would love to collaborate with you in a video… . If you want to though…
Here is the thing though. I have a YouTube channel as well. So if you want to collab with me, then I want you to feature my channel in the description box of a video or make a YT post on it. Because I only have like 30 subs and if I want to be in the video you have to include all the things I have above AND you have to do it on a date AND time when I can do it.

Thank you,
Aron Kulik YT

P.S: My channel link:


ok cool, can we set up a time today to play? tell me what time if you can today



yes, when can you play? would today work and what time?


Can’t play today. Very busy




ok nvm then, ill just be reporting you to the developers for harrassing and wasting my time.


oml take a joke bro chill the devs dont have time for some stupid new kid trying to mess with a OG cfp player im in school


can i be in ur yt vod


what rank are u


haha now see look at you cause i reported you, now your saying its a joke so you dont get banned


yes you can, im silver 4 but pretty good, have beaten 5 GMś in 1v1s


You think some stupid report is going to do anything bro first read guidelines “new guy”


first of all i did read them and second im not new, id ez clap you in a 1v1 aswell


bro u suck dont even u me 1v1 free 50


i watched ur cfp vid ur doggshit pig would take u anyday of the week and slop on u


Guys, there is no need for all these arguments. @VoidBeatbox is seriously looking for someone to take on this offer, so only reply to this post if you’re interested in this offer.

Although, @VoidBeatbox, I’ll recommend you to private message the people who are interested once you get a reply from anyone on this topic.


Bro why do you think I would even want to 1v1 someone as toxic as you, I made a joke you report me


Bro you call me bad then your terrible