Challenge Game


Hey everyone! While everyone plays forum games I want to propose here a game which is connected with real CF gameplay. It’s a challenge game and here are the rules:

  1. You make a challenge by proposing to repeat a special achievement (which you already accomplished yourself)
  2. You post proofs of it here (screenshots)
  3. Those who are interested can try to repeat it and then post the result here
  4. Once the achievement from 1. is repeated you (or someone else) can propose the next challenge
  5. You can’t propose another challenge while the already proposed challenge is not done.
  6. If challenge is not accomplished by anyone else for a week, we consider the one who proposed it a winner! (and we can start a new one)

One simple example of how it can work: for instance I won the game in 4 rounds with one shot only and got 300 points. I put screenshots here and make a challenge to repeat it. If someone repeated it he/she can post screenshots with proofs and propose a next challenge (or someone else can propose it after the challenge is done).

Since recently there was “no modules” tournament I propose to start from the challenge I accomplished:
“Win the game without any modules and don’t lose any point (including survival points) in 5 rounds”.
The challenge is active till November, 5 (or earlier if someone accomplishes it before). Here is screenshot:

No Modules Challenge
* Best players of all time - Wall of Glory * [2018]

This challange is sick… its almost impossible to not get hit once. :joy:


Well, you have a week :wink: Once I won without modules in 5th round with 2 gms in a room (but with 250 points), so it’s totally possible!

Update: here it is


I like this, its kinda like my Paper race! I personnaly have tried this, but its hard, as its hard to not get hit.


Thanks! I hope there will be more challenges after someone repeats mine. My idea is that it’s like an extramural tournament for unusual achievements. Wouldn’t that be cool to try to cut-off 5 opponents in one round (with speed and speedy)? Or to get +100 in one round with double shot only? Hope that someone will support me in this :slight_smile:

PS: Just tried to repeat and won in 5 rounds but got shot by turret once. It’s hard but definitely possible.


Well, I get back to this topic. I definitely would like to have some special challenges in this game. Like “win with 2 passives in 5 rounds” or “get 300 points with multishot only”.
It’s a pity no one accepted my challenge back in the day (or maybe no one could repeat it). But I want to propose @Owl to make one since I think you’d be interested in challenges too. You need to create one, make a screenshot and put it here. Let’s make a relatively easy one to start!


Honestly I tried so hard to replicate yours but failed so much xD like at least in a normal game and not versus all bronze.

(EDIT: Tbf i only tried maybe 10-15 games but i don’t like not attacking so i got bored XD of losing rank and getting shot at)


That’s nice to hear! I thought it’s relatively easy since I practiced a lot without modules then and repeated it several times but it seems it wasn’t :slight_smile: Please do some new one you like! If we put it also on discord I think some people will try to repeat it (including me)


I got 84 in first round with just laser i guess? Replicate with any powers That might be a fun one to replay, but I know you prefer defensive stuff.


Cool, I will try!


Hey, @Line, @meow, @theangelov, @74R45, @hohoho try this one too!


Oh that sounds interesting, I’ll accept this challenge as soon as I finish with my uni deadlines.


Challenge - Accepted


I could try, once you get at round 8-9 it only need 3 kill to get that


I suppose it’s about 1st round only. So you actually need to get +74. I got +66 as my best so far.


wait, +74? I thought the challenge was to get +84


well its +74 because you start with 10 right? so you end with 84 points.


Man Curve Fever Pro looked better back then


Ok, @Owl please clarify this. Did you mean that you got +74 in first round (so 10+74=84)?


i got 84 by the end of the round. This is the same as 10 +74. (If you check the wall of fame topic you see that at the beginning of the 2nd round i had 94 because someone had left.)