CFPro GIF compilations



I love this dude, sick!


The topic has been updated and a little bit improved.


What’s up angelov? Didn’t see you in game for a long time. Do you really prefer LIFE? :joy:


how do you look back at your matches?


Not really, I’ve been just a little busy with studying. I hope I’ll be back as soon as possible so I could play and see your in-game progress :3


Go to the main menu, click on your name (at the top of the screen), match history (almost at the bottom of the screen), scroll down and click on the tape icon in the replay section.


thanks “theangelov”


Nice to hear! No progress for me though because I also have breaks from this game. But see you in your holidays then :wink:



good shot.


dang I didn’t even see this topic
I’m gonna edit in my new gifs that I’ve made over the years months
P.S.: I linked my gifs to the original topics instead of reuploading


i get a message saying sorry the file is not authorized




I deleted the other gif compilations of my cool shots, but you can see them in the insane shots forum.


Oh yeah, and here’s a funny gif of someone trying to jump over the border. XD


Teh funniest one!


That was really random dude! :joy:


No. I was Telesniper. I was just playing a game and I died, so I watched that orange jump into a wall. I’m not kidding.


I love that no one fired, it has to be the one of the most awkward encounters… I’m sure there was a gif similar to this posted before where 2 players fumbled in a similar way.


I posted this on insane shots, but yeah, I used only multi.