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Hey all! Today I’ve been looking at some old videos of my matches and I saw some good tapes for GIFs.
Since we all have good plays at time to time, why don’t we make GIFs and share them instead of sending the whole matches? It would be easier to review the clips from GIFs than replays, because you will not have to open the replay and go the the exact round and time. The GIFs also would stay for longer (unless being deleted) than the replays (untill a new update/patch of the game). If you had have good moments and you want to share them, make GIFs and send them as a replay on this topic!

If you don’t know how to make GIFs: (Premiere Pro) (Photoshop)
(But you need for sure a recording program and one of these two programs, or another program)

If you can’t make a GIF because you don’t have the opportunity to do so, I can do it for you. Just don’t forget to PM me with the information of the match code and the round number for the GIF you want me to make for you.

@74R45's submits:

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@Dusara's submits:

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@Math's submits:


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3 Xlos

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Nice :slight_smile:
And made it a wiki post for ya.

Also for Windows this Software is pretty good for making good quality gifs :slight_smile:


round 7


OMG that 88 points combo is just sweeeeeat xD


wtf you just ended this mans career


Actually it’s his fault. He was teaming with two other players and we were alone in the match. I just punished him (by stealing most of his points and win) :joy:


even better lol. Should’ve taken the scatter at the end just to cut him off for the meme too


I could have cut him off without taking the scatter shot. He wasn’t pointing it at me and the GIF is from the old meta where the shots didn’t had big collision radius.


I had one laser triple kill before, yet this is my first QUAD :rofl:


Guess we are two to have made quad @stellan, gj on that


not nearly as cool as you guys I’m just glad I got the screen recording to work :stuck_out_tongue:



Hehe this was against @Darmcy


I love the dramatic camera movement!


Sorry :laughing: I recorded from my Chromebook replay to my phone




Haha :joy: nice to see my combo in use :joy: … double scatter hit <3 u r on fire


It’s a very nice combo. Ideal for rooms with 4 mehs and 1 GM, you have so much dps that you can ignore the GM and rack up points! (Actually I generally don’t do that since it’s more fun to fight but it totally works). It’s most fun for people who like chasing relentlessly, since you get great dps and the ability to quickly sneak through walls


True but against guys from diamond upwards and with fevers it kinda sucks :’)
In easy games it shreds everything tho u r right about that :joy:


That might be the fastest 100 points (ok, 98 :grinning:). It took like less than 3 seconds to earn it. Cool!