CFP won't let me chat!


Help! Whenever I try to chat with friends my chats don’t pop up, did I get banned from chatting?


Definitely not banned or muted in-game. Must have another reason. Do you have very high ping? Cause that slows the chat down by very much at least for me.


Hello @juul

What is your username, i’ll have a quick check for you :slight_smile:


my username is juul, it’s weird because all my friends are chatting and we’re all playing in the same room @Averazon


You have not been banned or muted. No need to worry on that end, seems to be a weird one. When did this issue start?


It started yesterday @Averazon



To come back I was checking another account. Your account was indeed muted due to breaking our guidelines in the chat. You will have to wait until the action against you has ended.

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