CFP Treasure Hunt Competition!



Hello Curvers!

Welcome to this month’s competition, which you have probably guessed: A TREASURE HUNT!!! :trophy:
The aim of this competition is simple - find the 16 PUZZLE PIECES dotted around this Discord server and the Curve Fever Pro Forum. Once you have found the pieces you must “piece” them together (essentially like a jigsaw :jigsaw:), and once completed, you must send your completed image to @ROBT44 .


:cfp: There are 16 pieces hidden in total; 8 in Discord and 8 in the Forum
:cfp: You MUST send your entry to @ROBT44 on Discord or Forum to officially submit, entries posted
elsewhere will not count
:cfp: The image must be completed fully and correctly when submitted (i.e. pieces must not be in the
wrong order)
:cfp: The hidden pieces are contained in posts, either in Discord or Forum
:cfp: The pieces can be found ANYWHERE, ranging from posts back from 2018 to 2021


The prizes are a little bit different to usual, and are thankfully sponsored by @ROBT44 and @Riomo - There are 2 custom Curve Fever Pro T-Shirts! :shirt:

:gem: 1st: 400 gems (There will be one shirt for America and one for everywhere else)
:gem: 2nd: 300 gems
:gem: 3rd: 200 gems
:gem: 4-10: 100 gems

Link to Curve Fever Pro official discord:


We are sorry if you’ve had up to 15 to this point then you really had them all because the 16th wasn’t placed on the forum. Here is the missing piece.

CFP Treasure Hunt Competition Results!

Could they be in any random reply from 2018?


It’s possible.:zipper_mouth_face:


:roll_eyes::unamused: you guys are going to make me spend 2 hours doing this…


You have looked near and far but can’t find them all, on the forum you’re having a ball.
Discord was seven times as easy where everyone got a little bit breezy.
You cannot see every nook and cranny so there’s an easy way to avoid all of the Tierney.
The ancient ways of the star is the most bizarre.




Probably my last question is it only MODs and DEVs that could have posted these


is that a question? How else would’ve this been set up?


Sorry I am failing math you should know why


1st: @Dgrif12 (3 Hours 51 minutes)
2nd: @SHEEP (6 Hours 11 minutes)
3rd: @Rynx (7 Hours 48 minutes)
4th: @Maya (20 Hours 55 minutes)
5th: @VAIN (24 Hours 34 minutes)
6th: @realRoxie (24 Hours 45 minutes)
7th: @hohoho (25 Hours 3 minutes)
8th: @theangelov (46 Hours 41 minutes)
9th: @fred1234 (48 hours 35 minutes)
10th: @Rypherio (78 hours 43 minutes)


Before the long goodbye there was a bunch of hi.
I believe that there was one person that fit this description my oh my!
Forgive the bad hints but you really have to think of past tenants.

The star is Orange and will not change.
The posts I contain are still very famous and maintain.




:jigsaw: :jigsaw: :jigsaw: :jigsaw: :jigsaw: :jigsaw: :jigsaw: :jigsaw: :jigsaw: :jigsaw: :jigsaw: :jigsaw: :jigsaw: :jigsaw: :jigsaw: :jigsaw:


found it gimme that t shirt


So that is what it looks like.


Respect to those who have done it without cheating :joy: seems kinda impossible to me … looked for couple hours and only found 4 :joy:


How can you cheat? I started 2 hours ago and I’ve alredy found 11 pieces.
I got everything in Discord, now all it’s left is the Forum


Wtf how :joy: sharing those you found with other I guess


What about the first person who found all of the pieces?