CFP Tactics


What is your tactics in the game? Is there an efficient strategy that makes you win in a long run?

I have named several tactis, but please feel free to name any other you’d think of:

  1. Drunk Master … I wonder around with no clue whatsoever but ready to punch a sudden attack.

  2. Timid … I go to the corners/edges of the screen and hope noone will make a move on me.

  3. Berserker … I go to the centre of arena and spare noone! Bring it on!

  4. Stalker … I target the better players, the sooner they loose points the better.

  5. Bully! … I target the weaker players and stay away from the pros.


However, the game’s dynamics depends on many variables and so the right tactics may change upon:

  • Level of play - what is your skill compared to others?

  • Points distribution - what’s your position? who’s the leader?

  • Modules - how the chosen modules can affect your strategy?

Which one is the best approach?
Please share your ideas with others.

Dear Diary

This is geniunely the best thing if you have double fever or mine + fever or shot + fever. You want to start in the middle as it gives you the most options for directions to shoot fevers + directions to run away from other fevers. You then move away from the middle as the round progresses into a space at the side of the map. Examples of this working in higher ranked rooms: last round and last round again.


berserker, whatever what combo i use i never play defensive (even with passives modules xd)
and im the bullied :stuck_out_tongue:


For me it changes from an intimidated berserker to a drunken stalker

  1. Start of the Game: hide and survive, but be ready to strike.

  2. Middle of the Game: be ready to hit everything that moves, but still pay attentio to where you go.

  3. End of Game: just go for the guy with most points and pray for the best :joy:


Here, i will share some of my (inprovisated) tactics

  1. Hide and Seek” ~ once the round start, i go after everyone with enough points to be stolen (if they try to hide, i navigate through the map to get them).

  2. Stealing boostrequires One shot and Scatter shot ~ once i am enough close to a play to use Scatter shot, i begin to use Scatter-One-Scatter-One shot on the player by drawing a spiral (with the another player) on the map.

  3. Hide and RUN” ~ you see… i can’t just steal points from another players without being hit, so, when i steal enough points from a player (20/120p, 30/150p, 40/200p, 50/220p, 60+/240p), i just go somewhere else.

  4. Peace” ~ once the map is half full, i just camp/*testing my steer skills/navigate through the map without trying to attack (without trying to, but sometimes i do)

  5. Adventure timeat least one round per game ~ even after i am in game and i play against another players, i always, (expect when i play in tournaments) do, a, practice round! Yeah, it is something like skill testing round and you have to make the impossible, or, those things that you haven’t done before. Here is some examples :

  • Navigate through thin places

  • (at the start of the round) Make a perfect circle

  • Follow someone without dying

Well, that is all.


I’m not familiar with this one nor have I seen it in the game.
Can anyone show me what is it about?

Btw, great insights everyone, if only every strong player would share their ideas!


Hohohoho, i can show you if you want.
Since there isn’t energy anymore, i can use this combo as much as i want to and i can show you what i meant



You can do that with my fav combo as well :joy: trigger/scatter hehe


But, i’m not that good with trigger bomb :confused:

And i’m really good with the most bullet powers, so :3


I got my own tactics:

  1. Centre Inspector- I go to the center and battle it out. No mercy!

  2. Cruel Maniac- I attack everyone in the arena without giving up. I mainly go for the newbies or the ones ahead.

  3. Green Investing- I’ll find ways to survive the longest so that I can obtain more points. That way, I can reach to the goal first.

  4. Between The Gaps- I wonder around and try to fit between the tightest places possible.

  5. Ready To Rumble- I get the least amount of points for the first few rounds, and then I get the points from everyone.

  6. Rocket League- I die first almost every time and go for the ones with the most points/ ones that I want to hit.

  7. Against The Law- I play like an expert player – I fight to the death, survive to the fittest, and I will never spare to a bunch of puny players!

  8. Hit And Run- I hit one of the players and run away!

Also, I’d prefer the Stalker, Berserker, and the Drunk Master.


I am rocket league and the drunk master


I use speed+zap for camping.


My fav combo is: speed fever and normal speed. When you go into your speed fever than use your speed you go sooo fast.