CFP Player Steryotypes

  1. the recorder this guy comes and rek u in game record the game, edits it then upload it to youtube and sharing it in cf channels

  1. the nice guy - this player always talks and always say gl and hf before matches also a decent player


XD im like 2 5 7 and 9 or sumthing i have no idea


another online dater spotted !


i totally agree with the 6th one.


um how

  1. That one kid who is in all your games and always wins


@DenysXQX you need a lesson in English bruh

  1. The “Too Easy guy” - This guy is not actually that good at the game but likes to pretend that he is whenever he succeeds at something. They are always saying “too ez” or “im a pro” in the chat, when they are playing. They tend to make a lot of people angry and people don’t like them.


lmfao your name is lil savage dont talk lmao


literally me smh…


i know but still man use more words

  1. The unranked - This player plays a lot of unranked games, and he’s just here to chill
    and play mini-games with these friends. @me

  2. The emoji spammer - This player presses 1 and 2 more than left and right. @DenysXQX

  3. The honorable - This player refuses to play certain powers, and to use the turrets. He even has a list of powers classifying the honorability of powers in a very strict regulation that he respects to the letter. @meow

  1. The single person - When he enters a game he asks people with a nickname with feminine consonances if it’s a girl. If this is the case, he drags her throughout the game, he often ends up mute by his target.


the single person…
bruh that’s me in real life XD


i got more infos on the N19 that guy actually is so pussy that he never plays quickplays in ages or ranked rooms he keeps on saving his rank on unranked games he actually cares about rank xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Ahaha ok N6


You right in some points


Wait … you violate me for free :cry:
You are rude on me


To* :kissing_heart: