CFP Player Steryotypes

  1. The noob - This player is fairly new to the game - and is probably bronze or silver rank. They still use a default skin and are most likely using the powers jump and homing. They don’t know that registering their account is a thing yet.

  2. The bot - This player has been playing for more than 6 months and still sucks. They aren’t that good at online games and is usually hanging out in last place.

  3. The pro - This player doesn’t play that much but when they do, you should watch them. They destroy basically everyone, and are so good that they make terrible combos seem OP.

  4. The booster - This player is average at the game and has never been above diamond. They want to look good so they make a second acc that is also diamond, and play ranked private 1v1’s till they reach GM. Even if they know it isn’t allowed, they still do it, but more than likely they will get found on the discord server with the bot.

  5. The toxic dude - This player is also pretty average, but once lag hits or they get destroyed, their dark side comes out. Into the chat goes the cursing, and no one likes them. They are also usually pretty mean.

  6. The rager - This player gets very angry at the tiniest things, and if anyone targets them they will leave the game. This player usually won’t make it above diamond rank even if they have the skills, because they are always losing a lot of rank points.

  7. The “Global chat is my life” - This player , or chatter, sits in menu all day talking about nonsense in the global chat. They are probably below gold rank, and most likely aren’t a fan of the mod Gremlin. These are also the players that get into relationships on this game.

  8. The smurf - This player is pretty good, and they are at least diamond rank on their main account… They often make other accounts that aren’t registered yet, and join the highest ranked room currently playing. They use combos like jump+homing and thick+jump, and try and target the high ranked GMs, on their bronze and silver accounts.

  9. The sweat - This player always uses OP combos and is always trying very hard. This player was most likely very upset at the nerf of the corner module.

  10. The average dude - This player makes up a large portion of the community. They just play this game to hang out with friends, take a break from the real world, and just chill. They aren’t that serious and usually don’t care that much when they lose a game or two.

Comment below the ones I forgot!


1- cathia#48485, Spandaur#2848, etc…

2- Noordung

3- You

4- Panzergrenadier (old 2.2k booster)

5- Seth

6- Mostafa

7- randoms dudes looking for girlfriends

8- Meow and Jaan

9- Meow again and Che

10- Me


What you say is the reality but for me Meow is the pro (with You cuz for me You is the better !)


When i get targeted i dont leave the game i try to think of the most toxic combo for the guy who targeted me and rek him next game but basically im combination 5/ 6/ 9 /10 :joy: and i can say hownaccurate the dating on cfp at N7 :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Oh wait im not that mad at corner nerf only read the tryhard part


For 3 id say owl not You u dont know much after all hoehoe


7 is literally me. I FEEL ATTACKED. Also Gremmy loves meeee. He only had to ban/mute me like 7 times :smiley: plus im a silver 5


stfu u suck ass


no u


the only kids that are the seventh number are the ones who have no friends and also dont have a phone to text people so they go into retardation- ahem i mean global and make “friends” and like horton said “girlfriends”


That is actually false. Coming from a person who is number 7… Im a happy person in a healthy relationship WITH A PHONE. I have made lots of friends as well. You should try it. :smiley: plus i havent gotten a job yet so i play curve everyday bc i dont get homework after school.


Lol chill guys. I made this post for fun not so ya’ll would argue over the steryotypes. And just to clarify zon, not every person in global chat gets in a relationship. I’m just saying that for the people that do, they are usually falling under this categorization.


exactly pple who doesnt get ina relationship just failed trying to have one :joy:


I’ve met a lot of "Global chat is my life"s, a few toxic dudes and ragers, a lot of pros, and lot of average dudes as well as sweats.

Basically, I’m a mashup between the bot, the average dude, and the sweat.

until recently I was a “Global Chat is my life”. I’m not proud of it.


Although I’ve never tried relationships. I just go on there to meet new people. Besides, I’m only 12. :expressionless:


I’m a 7 and 10 combo besides the relationship thing. I go to global chat because I always think " maybe this time will be normal. " (it almost never is)

  1. the afk dude - this player is good at the game but always afk for some reason and makes private rooms to afk in

  1. The Stalker - This person just stalks global mostly or is either afk.

  1. The teamer - these players never attack each other and never cut each other off. They are there to help each other win. It is usually pretty obvious when players are teaming, and no one likes them. They always que up together.


One time my brother and I played together teaming up. We reached boss mode. It was awesome and funny.

  1. the targeter who use speed dash and target one person all game and the target have to be high rank

ahhh good times with svo and oklek xd