CFP Memories


Whats some memorable moments in CFP that you like to share, please tell me using a screenshot or write it here. :smiley: I would share mine but if you see what I sometimes write in the forums I does some messed up stuff so… :sweat_smile: Actually lemme start off with mine I think It’ll give more ideas. I remember this game where There were 4 GMs or smth and a Diamond, I clutched up something like 80+ and got 2nd :blush: One of the Happiest thing I felt in CFP :relaxed:

  • Double camping with Hrm/Bacon Fairy

  • When Roxie was unintelligible because she was using voice typing


  • Getting GM after a leaderboard reset

  • GREECE asking me what my favorite combo is, then offering to get good at it so he could teach me.

  • :zany_face_apple: :wink:

  • The first time I met Sparky_JackiexX. I had a match for blue powers only, and no one was following my directions. Sparky joined and then helped explain to the others what to do, and the rest is history.