CFP Meme Contest!


Hello Curvers!
For this next competition, it’s the first ever Curve Fever meme contest! :trophy:

This highly requested competition is very simple - create a meme related to Curve Fever and the top voted memes will be the winners! :cfp:

Rules & Requirements:

:cfp: To submit an entry, it MUST be sent to prabh#6054 via Discord private message or via the Forum (@prabh)
:cfp: Any image format is acceptable
:cfp: Any image size is acceptable
:cfp: There will be a total of 10 winners - 8 selected by the community and 2 selected by staff
:cfp: The memes can be related to anything to do with the game (e.g. a specific player or module)
:cfp: Any offensive memes will not be submitted
:cfp: You can submit “old” or previous memes if posted before in the server (if you posted them yourself)
:cfp: Unlimited submissions


1st - 400 :gem: + 1 month gifted Discord Nitro :diamond:
2nd - 300 :gem:
3rd - 200 :gem:
4-10 - 100 :gem:

Important Dates:

:cfp: Submissions open: 25th June 19:00 CEST
:cfp: Submissions close: 16th July 19:00 CEST

Have fun and good luck! :trophy:


As predicted :wink:


can’t wait :stuck_out_tongue:






can we make gifs or only memes though?


Only still images


Awesome, I’ll try my best. : )


any update?


Voting is on going



Here are the results of the meme contest! Massive congratulations to the winners: @GREECE @VAIN @anja @Maya @Rypherio @omri @Horton86462 @memedroid !

You will receive your stated rewards in the upcoming days - and a huge thank you to everyone who participated!
Until the next competition - happy curving