CFP Dev Blog 03: Private Rooms


Every two weeks the whole team sits down around the oval conference table and participates in a sprint planning meeting. Over the course of this meeting, the team discusses the next steps for the game. We then determine what new features can realistically be accomplished in the next sprint and by the end of the day we are all very eager to start.

This is a good way for us to stay organised and a fantastic opportunity to brainstorm on what the next big thing for Curve Fever Pro is going to be. The two seemingly endless sources of ideas we draw inspiration from are the team and the community. Our players especially are the drive behind continuously tweaking and improving the game. So without further ado, sit back, grab a nice snack/drink and hopefully get as excited about the next few lines as we did!

Private rooms

Ever since the launch of Curve Fever Pro there has been one constant request : add a way to play with friends! Well, dear curvers, we’ve heard you and we shall deliver. With the new update coming out, our players will be able to create private rooms where they can invite friends and play Laser Wall Deathmatch together. How this works is that now there are two options to choose from after clicking Play:

  • Create Match - the player (host) can create a private room where they can invite anyone to join via a link. The host can kick players from the room and decide if they are going to play in the match or just spectate it. Players will then choose their ships and modules and wait for the host to start the game. Once everyone is ready the host can press START.
  • Quick Play - the player joins a public room, selects a ship and modules and gets in a match with other players of similar rank.

We decided to include an option for people to spectate games created in private rooms in order to further facilitate the social aspect of Curve Fever Pro. Watch friends play or cheer for a favorite player in a future tournament. The possibilities are endless!

All eyes on modules

Another exciting update is that modules will no longer be locked to ships by earning crates. Players soon won’t need to worry about a crate limiting their freedom to experiment with various module-combinations. This is a nice way to let players practice with their preferred modules as well as to encourage them to try out new things.

A complete makeover


All those changes and additions to the game come with an awesome visual revamping of the main-menu, crate-menu and modules. The main-menu will also include a Community section that will showcase community/game-related news and announcements. We feel that these changes are a nice upgrade for existing players as well as offering a much more intuitive experience for new players.

New possibilities on the horizon

Introducing private rooms in the game leaves the door open to plenty of new updates and improvements for Curve Fever Pro. With feedback from players and our ideas you can be certain that there are more awesome things to come. So stay tuned and find out more in the next Dev Blog post!



Very nice to see that you didn’t give up the dev blogs.

Looking forward to that update and more blogs.


Looks interesting :slight_smile:


do any of you think that the season should end after this update comes out? because the whole dynamic of the game will change.


Yeah! Its time for TOURNAMENTS!


Sounds great.

Will there be a team-mode in private rooms?



edit: @Bantonaut chill, this shit takes time.


i know the last days were the silence before the storm :smiley:
Sounds pretty awesome!


I have a google sheets draft tour schedule prepared already!!!

Check it out here!

(Only 36 players for this example tour, but we could easily make into something bigger!!!)


One day i will be good enough to compete, hopefully


Thank you! I have my own from my cf3 tours but ill look at yours. Maybe its better!


Also, i just wanted to say, can the links be something not completely random but typable? so that we could maybe write: “” and get into the correct room? just thinking that if we are trying to get into a room with someone irl like in schools then having to send a long link rather than just say which number would be annoying.


:3 :3


will there also be a chat im the menu not only in a game like cf3?
a lot easier to make custome games with friends then having to tell them the name at school or send them a message though other means and hope they see it.
that what i think is really missing in this game.


There will be chat in the Custom Rooms and in the Quick Play queue, but not a global chat.


the chats need a filter which filters all messages with malicious content (like in curve fever 2).
Or a function to report a user or message.
The chat of cfp should be a bit more save.



could there be a private message in the menu?
would really help if u could have friends to
ofc im not expecting this straight away but would really like this to be implemented into the game.


I’d really prefer a report function. But not in private rooms. Otherwise my friends will report me :DDD

When are updates coming?