CFP Dev Blog 02: Game Changing


Unfortunately, a “fair” matchmaking system means players like Banto and Legolas could be in queue for an actual hour before actually joining a lobby of players with the same skill. The lack of a very large playerbase just means that this is going to happen or we have the best players be forced to play the game less just because they’re good at it.

Also based on conversations on the discord, the lag is probably the most focused on issue right now.


yes in agree, but in a game where only 1st place get gems its necessary to change the system…its not a small issue where you can say we fix this later----you have 2 fix it right now because it destroys progress for newbies so much…

The lag also…why devs changed the parameters…its worse 4 most players…its not a fix… come out of your own world please…so many lag jumps u´ve introduced by this…maybe in your technical eyes its fine, but its not working out in reality…quit it

I don´t know why iam still around here…devs are egoistic cowards in my eyes…yeah go on fuck me 4 this :kissing:


It’s not like we intentionally introduced lags :smiley:

After the performance update (on friday), the average framerate (FPS) increased significantly for the majority of players. This lead to more players actually playing the game for longer, so more games are played on the servers which results in occasional lag spikes. We are aware of this issue and we are taking steps for improving sever performance in order to reduce the lag spikes caused by it.


thank you
i hope u fix it cuz its rlly bad sometimes