CFP Dev Blog 02: Game Changing


We have a daily routine at Hidden Monster Games. At the start of each workday, every colleague tells the team what they did yesterday, and what they’re doing today. This keeps everyone well-informed and motivated and allows us to easily offer and ask for help when and if it’s needed. If you’re familiar with this work method, you know it’s called a “Standup”. After a standup, Jelmer, Pim and I get coffee, the rest of the team gets their tea and we all get to it. We do this every day.

What also has seeped its way into the standup process, is having impromptu design meetings right afterwards, in which a colleague - usually Geert, as the Product Owner (and because his mind is always racing with ideas for Curve Fever Pro) - presents us with a new idea. This happens about once or twice a week. Sometimes these are great ideas, and the rest of the team doesn’t hold back on providing feedback. Sometimes, these ideas are a necessity. This is also the case for the changes I’d like to discuss today.


Curve Fever Pro is constantly being expanded, improved and changed, but an issue we keep running into is an exploit with which players try to drop their rank in order to be matched with lower ranked players, to increase their odds of getting a silver or gold crate.

We’re going to combat smurfing by adding a hidden rank - something separate from your visible rank in the game. Geert calls it “Crate Rank”. If you play normally and earn a spot towards the top, your crate rank and actual rank are very similar. However, if you “smurf” by losing games to drop your rank, with ships you have already earned crates with, your crate rank does not lower alongside your actual rank. You’ll get matched with players of the same crate rank, or should I say the same skill level.

It can be a bit hard to wrap your head around. If you don’t try to gain the system by smurfing, there’s no reason to worry, but do know that we’re taking action against those who are. This prevents newer players from having a bad experience because they’re unknowingly playing against experienced players. It also keeps the experienced players on the straight and narrow.

Shifting focus

Combatting smurfing is not all we’re doing. Alongside these changes, we’re continuously balancing and tweaking the in-game economy. We’re enacting some new changes to shift the focus slightly from ships to modules. We feel that modules are one of the core aspects that make Curve Fever Pro what it is, so we want to emphasise them a bit more.

Let’s start with researchers. The way they are implemented is going to change slightly. So, first, the new things: you can only buy them with gems and their effectiveness is being lowered from 3x to 2x. The good news with this change is that all ship points earned from unlocking crates have been increased by 50%, even without using researchers! This evens out the value of researchers in relation to crates. Now you’ll have more coins to spend on module upgrades.

Along with this change, come some changes to the way you earn in-game currency. After some extremely fierce internal discussion was decided to lower the number of gems and coins you can win regular matches. The new setup will be as follows:

  • Winner: 1 gem
  • 2nd place: 8 coins
  • 3rd place: 6 coins
  • 4th place 4 coins
  • 5th place: 2 coins
  • 6th place: 0 coins

The good news is that you’ll now also get gems from crates.

We know it’s quite the departure from what we have been doing the last couple of months, but we realised that the way we used to dole out rewards, opens up too much of the game too fast. Combined with the Smurfing-method, it’s one heck of a way to brute force your way through the game, which is something we never intended.

The horizon

These changes are all being rolled out in an upcoming update. Playing with friends is a feature that draws ever closer and we’re also looking at other ways to earn crates, by potentially not locking modules for instance. In the next development blog we’ll be discussing custom games and social features, so stay tuned!

Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 04-05-2018 | 1.0.18

Wow these are some drastic changes. People already struggled progressing with the current system… this is something else now. Idk in what way this may benefit the game, but have you asked yourself the main question? Will this make people stay or leave the game? This will somehow meet the same fate as cf3. I’ve had my fun with this game and it was a good ride. Peace and gl with the success.


I dislike the new coin and gems system. Now there is even less motivation to play after crates. To a lot of players, the constant grind was how they could progress so quickly through the game. Playing non-crate matches is now useless.

Also, why couldn’t you just raise the amount of points a crate gives, and give researchers 2x?


For the newbie friendly part: it was an easy solution. Match lower ships with lower ships. Don’t worry about the pros they know what hours to play high ranked games. Anyways this has been said too many times.


Do you think pros must play at special hours to earn a good crate? :smiley:


That is what we did. We increased the ship points in crates by 1.5 times and reduced the researchers from 3times to 2 times


I hate this update, now i will only play crate games. Normal - no sense


yes, bcs if u play vs GOOD grandmasters its 70% skill 30% lucky, all can be happened


just making it p2w


I would like to hear more about how you expect players to progress in the game. This whole problem you are trying to fix stems from the fact, that you decided to make the best crate so much better than the worst crate, that it’s literally impossible to progress in the game with basic crates. Yet you changed everything apart from that when you found the system broken.

Adding progression to the game sure is a good way to make players play the game regularly, but you need to dose it properly otherwise “loosers” will quit just like they would quit without any progression at all, because losing constantly isn’t fun.


I think that the smurf rank idea is a good one. As for the fewer gems for winning a game, I’m happy as I rarely play more than just my crate games. Saying that, I think that you should either give people a gem per full game played (so that everyone has the ability to brute force their way through - though the only person that actually did that was Legolas) or you should give new players access to 3 different modules per lvl 1 ship (maybe 1 of the modules doesnt have module points and needs to be discovered). This will help shift the attention over from ship lvl to modules since you wont need a higher lvl ship to unlock as many new and better modules. It’ll also mean that every new player regardless of skill level, can unlock a new module when they open an account. I remember on my first day, I didnt unlock new ships which made me open up a new account. Most new players wouldn’t bother opening a new account, will say the games sucks and will leave without even getting to experiment with modules which is the best part of the game.


I would focus on fixing the matching system. At least for crate games. It’s not acceptable to face ships 2 or 3 levels higher, with legendary modules, and that are GM.



Would someone do the math to tell how much 24h researchers gonna be as gems :slight_smile:? (approximately) probably



70 gems = 1000 coins

24h research = 400 coins

24h research = 70*(2/5) gems

24h research is about 28 gems.

Of course, you can’t just spend only 28 gems for 400 coins for research; you have to buy the 1000 coin pack, or spend 40 gems for 4 of the new 100 coin pack.


Just so we’re all on the same page researchers give exactly as much ship points as before, it’s only regular ship points that are affected.
before the update let’s say you get X points from a crate. Researchers would then give you 3X. After the update you will get 1,5X ship points from the same crate and 3X ship points from researchers. Instead the thing that I’m afraid of is that researchers will now get too expensive. I don’t know how much they will cost, but I’d say if I’m active I will win 5 matches/day. I don’t think one day of researchers should cost more than maybe 10 gems, or it will be too much of a luxury for free to play

Edit: I didn’t want to reply to Owl, just to the thread in general, don’t know if I can change that


I like the measures against smurfs. The other part, not so much.

Since the update came out I took my time to figure things out. Turns out it’s quite simple:
TL;DR Researchers are no longer affordable.

Researchers now cost 50 gems per day. If you’re smart and only buy them every other day you can get by on 25 gems per day for researchers.

From what I’ve been able to observe you can gain gems in three ways:

  1. One gem for winning a game (1st place)
  2. About one gem per gold crate (also requires 1st place, max 8 per day)
  3. About three gems per mega crate (max once per day)

If you somehow manage to win every single game and you only play crate games that’ll gain you about 8 + 8 + 3 = 19 gems per day. Of course only 1 in 6 players can actually win a game so a more realistic number would be somewhere around 1/6 * (8 + 8) + 3 ≈ 6 for a normal player. That is nowhere near enough to buy researchers regularly, even if you throw in some additional games per day.

Meanwhile, the price for re-trying a crate was also raised from 10 to 20, making this option completely unaffordable at the current rate of earning gems. Basically, unless you plan on spending some serious cash on this game, gems and everything they are used for are now irrelevant for you.

Personally, I believe that developers of any game have every right to decide how they monetize it. They need to gain money somehow. However, if that requires changes to the games economy, please just say so. “We need this game to yield more money” is the only honest justification for this update. Everything else is a lie.

(Unless I’ve fucked up my math. If so, please let me know.)


Oh come on guys what ur telling us…its like… we`re still swimming around like a yellyfish and try catching your hearts… give us a true reason 2 invest… what about quests and challenges…the only challenge i see right now is:

donot invest money in any thing because we change gameplay every 10 days…jesus christ 4 god sake can u please stop it…its like u open a restaurante and say 2 the guests : welcome sir please choose our dinner, pay cash or debit card…but we´re sry maybe u will get a complete different meal what you´ve chosen…no recharges---- but come back please… youre welcome

sry guys serious? 1st time on earth?

yeah its ok ban me m,e 4 1000 years, but never forget about the mirror theory…its annoyingdudes :roll_eyes:


I agree to that point that this has been one radical update :grimacing:… It does slow down everyone to gain higher lvl ships, I can just be happy I got pretty high already…

IMO It feeeeeels like this was aimed to slow down players who almost have tier 7 ships or something so they would focus more on modules (like it is said). I just wonder how much motivation this has decimated :sweat_smile:




i think the devs need to focus on the matchmaking and the lag issue before anything else at the moment.
listen to the people who play ur game cuz otherwise your going to lose a lot of players.
i realize that this is a new game but i think do what the players want first.
its probably not all that simple tho…


Matchmaking is awful. Im fucking top 40 and i always get games with silvers. Once i was in match with Legolas (top 1) Banto (top 2) and SILVERS! Worse players have no chance with veteran+ gm’s. You will lose a lot of players keeping this unfair matchmaking system.