[Cartel] Clan Recruiting!


Hello, I will be creating the Clan ‘Cartel’

My username on CF Pro is Nick, I was known as Cube on cf3

This will be the recruitment thread, so reply if you would like to join!

I don’t know if this is allowed lol


if it is im in


What is your CF Pro username


Is there going to be a clan system for cf pro?


I’m not sure


Hi Nick,

I’m in: wolfsshadow



I’m 75% sure that there will be clans on CF Pro


If there is, then my clan is Cartel


sounds fun


nice i will join my cf pro name is Lil_Pasta1 ok


if there’s clans, i’m interested. same username on pro. i think we’ve had a couple games together hehe


I am interested in


I posted this a long time ago