Capture the flag


I know this was suggested in a previous post but now we have a team mode with a core and donate system I can really see it working.

You take the flag from their core, or from wherever it was dropped and take it back to your core gaining a bunch of points each time. Since defending the bases too heavily would cause a stalemate, you could bring back jump and mine replenish times. Instead of donating points you pass the flag, instead of losing points you drop the flag. The flag essentially IS the points. It can be picked back up by the opposing team and taken back to core before another opponent takes it.

I really think it would be a lot of fun to try this out!


Yeah, this is a really good idea :wink::blush:


I had an idea for ice hockey too, with a puck that can bounce around the arena like pong, which you have to smash into their net. Only way I can see it working is if our ships don’t leave curves but then it wouldn’t be curve fever anymore! xD