Can't turn



and no, I’m not stuck on chat.
it shows my ship trying to turn but doesn’t
and i lost like… 100 points in two games because i kept coming in last


I had the same.
Happened after a reconnect to the game.

Refreshed the tab after that lost game and it was fixed


It just happened to me, but nobody was able to turn in the game. I though I was disconnected but the chat was working, we were able to talk so it was not disconnect issues.

To be investigated…


The problem you had Destin was because the server reboot. Rojoss comfirmed that on discord.


Yes we’re working on the servers which will result in issues in the game.
If the problem still occurs tomorrow please let us know. :slight_smile:


Great, thanks for the explanations!


I think this was def the issue. Haven’t had it come up since I refreshed instead of reconnected. Thanks :slight_smile:


THe problem is happening to me again, today, I can’t turn and i don’t know why. Chat isn’t open too


This happened to me today. Please fix.