Cant see the game


The game screen did not show up at all for the entire duration of a few games. also note the number of players that are “double quitting” without rejoining so I’m certain that’s part of another bug.


Total rank lost during this bug: 152- rank


Now that’s what I call a Curve Blind!


It is awful I ca not play the game and I ca not test if the game is working without losing a ton of rank. Is there any way I could get the rank I lost from this glitch back? Just like if those games never happened for me.


With today’s update we had some issues with the servers delivering the assets to everyone.
This has been fixed but you might still have corrupt assets in your cache.
So you should clear the cache for cfp.

You can do so with a hard refresh.


Ok, I will try that. Is there anyway to get the rank back or is that permanently gone?


No sorry, we don’t do refunds because our team is too small to look into all requests and hand out the refunds etc.

We are working on improving the asset loading though and we also plan to make it so that when it fails to load you won’t enter the game and therefore you also won’t lose rank.