Can't rejoin a match


So I wait in quickplay for about 5 minutes then finally get a game… except I get presented with a “couldn’t join match” error when its loading. I know how to deal with this bug simply click OK then refresh the page and usually a “rejoin match” option is then available.


Recently it’s started happening more often only this time it never gives me a “rejoin match” option. Presumably it was a server failure and everyone was kicked. Not quite - 5 minutes later I see in my match history I lost -25 for last place in a game I didn’t even play.

The only way round this is to quickly go to “join game” and search for yourself just to make sure you’re not actually in the game that it was supposedly unable to load - then join it.

I know it won’t get fixed. And thanks in advance for the mods who reply saying “yeah strange bug”

Ok whatever, just watch out for this guys.


Yo Zero, this actually happens often. I, too, made a topic on this.
maybe it helps you, but it’s good this point gets attention.


Thanks Deur, appreciate the link mate