Can't reclaim password



So I recently wanted to get back into Curve Fever but I deleted my history so I did not have my password available. When trying to reclaim / reset my password to my verified Account (inserting the email address and checking the captcha) there is no email to reset and I get the error message 300


Hey @Chrryblssm,

Make sure you have typed the email correctly and the email is an actual email and not a fake one.
Also, if it does work, make sure to look in the spam folder as it may be there.
If the same problem still occurs, you can submit a ticket at [email protected] for the recovery of the account. In order for your account to be recovered is if you provide proof that the account you’re recovering is yours. The only proof that we accept to know that it is your account is if you can provide a receipt of any purchases you have made in the Curve Fever shop. What I mean by this is if you bought VIP and/or gems. If you have, please use this as proof for when you submit a ticket at the support email which is [email protected].

If you have any further queries, please DM me privately on forum or on Discord: ex#6463.


very professional gremlin :eyes: