Can't play CFP :(


#1 as u can see, I can’t play CFP and I have nice Internet…
Im sad :frowning:
Pls help me… :(:sob:


we are all sad.

@Geert posted this in the announcement-channel of the official Curve Fever discord-server

~the server providers of CFP are down at the moment

Have a nice day.


THX for saving my depression… (I’ve been depressed lol)
So I’ll can play tomorrow?


~maybe you can play it already in a few minutes…
~maybe in a few hours
~maybe tomorrow…

We don’t know.

Maybe you could call a friend or family member you haven’t talked to in a long time. Then the time will fly until CFP is working again.


Im sad right now, I couldn’t play.


Lol im eating dinner now and talking with my friend on phone


Im sad too :frowning:


Servers are on!