Can't join match



Today I had two bugs with joining match:

  1. Couldn’t join a match after loss of connection. I restarted my browser, my wifi, but it didn’t work. Had the same error appear:

    this match: H8xowkt0o
  2. Couldn’t spectate a game. I was in a queue to play, but was left out. Then I spectated a bit, then left, but couldn’t watch the game after. When I pressed to spec I had only this screen (but I’m sure the game wasn’t over):

Update: 1st bug happened already several times. I use Opera 60.0.3255.170
Update: 2nd bug appears again too :grinning:

Bug when specting a game you left

I just experienced the same bug as described by NICK (the first one), and lost a lot of points due to that because it happened in round 3.

Link of the match: SyAKDMYbB