Can't even play the way I want


All the abilities I want to play with and usually played with before is now unplayable, leading to me not playing as good as I could and losing rank, which in turn leads to me playing less, I don’t see why unless for money this power system was implemented. My opinion is that the charge/power system should be reversed or reworked so that I can play with zap and side shot and not be forced to play with powers I don’t fancy/master


I know, right? Rechargeable powers are very noncompetitive as well.

Apparently the devs think that the only way to get money is by either destroying the playerbase by making it pay to play.

I would say that this is a small accident if it weren’t for the fact that we haven’t gotten a single post from the devs concerning possible changes to the system. Then again, they could be on holdiay, so nvr mind.