Can't buy gems


Inside the game I click on the shop, then on gems, then on one of the offers. The clicked offer moves and flashes a bit but then nothing happens. This has been happening for the past few days at least. Please fix this, I want to give you money!


just spam click it a bunch of times. it should work after that (click it around 10 times)


Sorry but I’m not going to enter my credit card details on something that may or may not work.


This can happen if your browser doesn’t allow opening windows.
If on Chrome you should see an icon next to the address bar stating that a window has been blocked from opening.
There is an update coming up to fix this but for now you’ll have to allow windows to open for our site.

And don’t worry about it not working, the payments are currently done by Adyen this is a certified payment platform and used by millions of websites.


I allowed popups and redirects but the window is still not opening. No icon appears about the blocking (it does appear on other sites, I’ve seen it before).


Hmm that’s super odd then, never seen that bug before.
What browser are you using?
And are you using any extensions or an ad blocker? If so, try and open the game in incognito/private window without extensions.

Could you also try holding down the mouse button for 2 seconds or so and then release it?


Chrome 96 on Linux.

No ad blockers of any kind.

When I hold down the button and release a bit later, the payment window appears. Interestingly the same trick is not needed when purchasing VIP.


Hmm yeah that’s odd, probably just randomness then.
Due to some browser limitations with opening windows and the way payments are initiated it works like this.
In a later update this will change but at least you got it working now.

Thank you for wanting to support the game :heart: