Can't access any match


At the moment I can’t access any match (neither qickplay or custom) with my account (nyziek). After trying to enter the match i get a loader spinner in the midle of the screen on top of ‘Request GROUP is in progress!’ error modal and ‘Exit to main menu’ button in top left corner. Waited for a while - nothing happens.
Can’t create a game either - same thing happens.
I tried clearing browser’s cache and relogging - didn’t help.

I managed to log in and access the match with different account. When relogged to my normal account (nyziek) I still can’t access any of the matches.

UPDATE: Same thing just happened to the second account.

Can't join matches ! Help!

U should close the tab and open a new one


I did. Also tried incognito mode, restarting computer, logging in from different OS. Nothing works.


Every time I try to join a match I get an error message saying “request GROUP in progress!”. I saw somebody else post on this forum with the same exact problem. It is not something to do with my wifi and I think it’s something to do with my account possibly. Can anybody please help with this issue?? I cannot play at all until I figure out how to fix it.
Thank you !


@tigerlilee and @Nyziek do you have a pending friend request?


I do. Can’t cancel it though.


Rebooting server now and added some more logs to figure out the issue.
The reboot will fix the broken accounts for now.


It seems to have worked. Thx!


It’s working again for me too! Thank you!