Cannot deselect a skin



So I have three skins from Battle Pass. I don’t really like any of them, so I have them all unequipped. Before the latest update this worked fine, but since the update I am being forced to use a skin, even though they are all unequipped. I’ve tried equipping and unequipping, and reloading after too, to no avail. Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks


Can you send me a screenshot of what you’re experiencing or make a video? you should be able to just hit the x button at the very right side of the skin. I tried this out myself and it works fine for me.


Sure, I made a quick video, here:


I was actually able to sort of replicate bug myself by having all my skins equipped but then unequipping them in a custom game while “readied up.” then i left the game and then joined another game and I had that skin…

Definitely a bug.

so my theory is that you need to equip all your skins while in a custom game. make sure your first skin is not the poop skin. then move to Spectators and then move out of spectators if that changes your skin you should be able to repeat the process without any skins equipped.

if my instructions are too confusing, I could probably make an instructional video on what the try.



This already happened before the game. Having a skin unequipped doesn’t mean you wont ever use it. Kinda weird so I think this should be changed.


Yeah if you have no skins equipped you get a random one from all available skins you have.
It was intended like this but maybe it could be changed to only choose from the basic colors.


Thanks for the video Robt!

Yeah Rojoss, I figured this may be the case. I don’t know if the latest update was related at all, perhaps a coincidence, it just seemed to suddenly start forcing me to use one after the update. While the skins are fun to use, it would be awesome to have the choice of not using one.

Thanks all!


no problem, I was a little wrong in my assumptions but you can still keep doing that to get the skin that you finally want.


Hi, I’m new here but just wanted to add my support to having the option to not play with a skin. I just got a Battle Pass and experienced the same issue. I’ve tried the workaround (thanks for that Robt) – but i do find I have to go through that workaround process prior to every game (it seems to default back to a random skin after one game)… so looks like it’s poopy for me for now!


Fixed with today’s update.
If you have no skin selected it will only use the default base color skins.

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