Can zap and scatter get nerfed a bit?



Currently zap and scatter aren’t necessarily meta defining but in competitive play on CFP and in my opinion it hurts the game because there isn’t enough of a reason not to run one of those to powers. Here’s the info incase you forgot about it

steals: 19.5 (4.5 above the highest steal under it)
cooldown: 5.5 seconds (no beef with this its actually nice that it takes this long, but I’m always down for you to extend it to like 6 seconds or something)
duration: 0.4 seconds (not bad, again always would be fine if you want to lower it)
size: 50 (all I know about this is that you can hit someone who is reasonable distance in front of you)

steals: 19.8 (the highest steal count of any power!)
cooldown: 3 seconds (this means its tied with homing, one shot, side shot, and double shot as the fastest power in the game! This also means you can steal 19.8 from whoever you spawn by [most of the time] before they can use any powers to counter you)
bullet count: 4 (four shots that each steal 19.8 I believe [please correct me if I’m wrong)
range: 80 (this is 30 more than zap but it only shoot out in front of you)

If these got nerfed it would be easier to play specific powers combos that interest players, also there wouldn’t be players in gold who are only carried by the fact that they unlocked one of these powers.

Now about nerf ideas,

I would just say maybe make it be 6 seconds like speed or even 7 like laser, another option that might work better is just to make the size smaller (maybe like 40-25 or so?) I think this would be better because then players would have to go more directly to there target and I think its a simple enough change that wouldn’t take to long to add (since I’m sure you all have busy schedules).

This is the one that needs to be nerfed most out of the two of these. For starters either make the cooldown longer (maybe 4.5-6 range?) or the point steal lower (like 15-16.5). I just know there must be cases where the player in last has hit the player in 1st at the beginning of a round with this and the player in 1st couldn’t do anything because they weren’t able to use their powers yet. If you really don’t want to change one of those maybe change the bullet count to 3 or 2 just to make it a bit harder to hit.

I know there have already been requests for zap and scatter to be nerfed but I think if they don’t get nerfed the experience of the game will decrease more and more as the power creep of these powers become more apparent in lower ranks. Heck after looking at the stats for scatter I’m tempted to start running it. I mean it has the lowest cooldown and the highest point steal like what is that power bro :astonished:? Anyways I doubt this will get very far (if at all) but those are just my thoughts and personal opinions. If you agree like this or just comment and if not please express your thoughts down below, I would love to know how others feel about these powers.

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We are currently discussing a new balance patch on Discord.
Your feedback will be taken into account but if you want to contribute further it is best to join the Discord server to participate.
In the latest draft scatter has been nerfed quite a bit and most other powers will be buffed.
As for zap I think it is in a decent place right now because it is not super easy to pull off.
When other powers become stronger that automatically makes zap a bit less good.
But if you want to be involved in these kind of discussions make sure to join Discord in the #feedback-balancing channel.


Yes I am on the discord I was just unaware of this and I agree zap isn’t that bad and scatter needs to be nerfed more than zap. Thanks for listening :slight_smile: