Can you provide your wisdom on curving and movement down below?



So i know some basic stuff like not moving completely straight and look for openings and a route but thats really it. Im sure there are others besides me who this could also help so anything be it tips, tricks, or more rules of curving please drop knowledge bombs on me down below.


I’ll start with some curving rules:

  • Try to stick to sides of just about anything, it makes it easier to turn around and also does not waste as much space if you are planning on staying in that area for a while.
  • The “looking ahead” is mostly something you will just learn over time, use the easier parts of a route as a moment to take your eyes off your own curve and see what options you have. Once you get more experienced with this you can also have a more zoomed out view where you can curve quite precisely while still looking at other parts of the map.
  • You should view the map as areas, there will always be a decent sized pocket of space somewhere and all you have to do is reach it before someone else does, for this it can help to separate middle vs non-middle. What I mean by that is that the edges of the map (especially the corners) are much easier to keep space in because there are not as many ways to access it.
  • This will depend a bit on how many survival powers you have in your combo, but usually when you enter a space (remember: stay close to other lines to not waste space!) you will want to already start thinking about a way to exit again, decide right away which exit you will use and plan accordingly to not block off your own exit.
  • Also when entering a space. If you want to “defend” this space it is good to stay close to the middle of the map to make sure people cannot enter your space without getting punished with a steal or getting cut off. You can even try to “time it” so that you will be at a certain part of your area at the same moment someone will arrive there so that they will always get punished for trying to enter.
  • This is a bit of a controversial personal opinion, but in general I have found that (in cfp) curving precision beats curving strategy. There is not much to say on how to improve precision apart from simply growing muscle memory. You should find out what your keyboard’s smallest tap is, and get comfortable/consistent with using that smallest tap. I think probably the best way to improve on this is to always expand your comfort zone by taking increasingly risky paths during your gameplay and try to practise with sticking to the outside wall with your smallest tap. You can actually pass VERY tight squeezes at the edge as long as your taps are small enough.

Now for some player/power interaction rules. There could honestly be an entire guide on every single power but I’ll keep it to some general categories:
(These will have exceptions and are dependant on the playstyle of your opponent, but in for most cases I think they apply)


  • NEVER chase a backfever player! Just don’t because you will regret it.
  • This is something I personally don’t do often unless I need a comeback because I don’t like the playstyle, but it is good to always have your view a bit zoomed out instead of only close to your curve because it will allow you to spot places where you can potentially trap people with fevers/mines or just becoming more aware of dangers.
  • Something I see going wrong a lot with lower players: when shooting mines or fevers, try not to place it in a general area close to an opponent but try to see that player as having two or three potential paths of where they’ll go and pick the one you find most likely. In general it’s good with fevers/mines to think in paths instead of areas. Especially when using trigger you will need to be precise in predicting one specific path for your opponent.


  • When you are forced into a close range interaction where you are “guaranteed” to be hit by a shot player if they don’t miss, try to always go for the sharpest turn towards them sticking to whatever lines there are, this does not guarantee them to miss but especially newer players rarely expect this and it also gives them the shortest reaction time because you are going straight into them. When you move across or away from them they will almost certainly hit because they have a lot of time to line up a shot.
    Example: Shot player coming from the top right, you are going up. Turn right sticking as much to whatever line there is as possible, on top of this you can even do a tiny fakeout by doing a little left movement right before switching to still sticking to that right side line
  • You will find close to no players who can actually aim multi shot, so if you have to choose between two evils usually choose the multi because they are way more likely to miss.
  • More experienced players will often try to hit you by shooting through holes because it is more unexpected. So do not get a false sense of security when there’s a line between you and a shot player.

Survival powers

  • For the powers that can make you go over a line, if you know you’re going to have to jump into an area anyways, just do it right away so that your power will be recharged sooner.
  • If you are using multiple powers that increase your survival, try to use the “worse” one first when surviving alone and keep the better one for when things get most difficult. This goes for almost all survival powers that are paired with jump: if you can use the other one effectively, use it instead of jump. Note that this is for survival specifically, if you are also close to other players it can be better to jump first because that other power is usually more focused on countering players
  • Experiment with hole farming, if you’re good you can get 20 points per round by simply farming holes. The nice thing about this style is also that you can combine it very well with playing evasively, because people cannot chase you if you go through a hole.

Of course you cannot remember all of this at once during your games, it will be something you find out along the way. Every player has their own style which you will learn too if you play with them often, try to learn their patterns and abuse it.


Thank you! This helps a lot and I appreciate all the effort you put into writing it!