Can you modify or erase your account?



Can you modify or erase your account? Or add buttons to do it or i don’t know… do something?


You can request a deletion of your account by sending an E-Mail to [email protected] or create a support Ticket on Your account will be deleted by the Staff.

Important: Please send it with the E-Mail you have verified in your Curve Fever Pro account.

What do you mean with modify?


Change your nickname, your personnal info, change your data.
Also, what do you need to place in your deletion e-mail?


All about Howto delete an account (by Averazon):

At the moment we only change username if they are against the user guidelines.
You could try to request a name change but the staff will most likely not change your name.


Ok thanks. Can you also erase your acc but not lose all your stuff?


I think you are not talking about banning a user, so I would say no, not that I know of.