Can u kill someone with stealth mine shot



I saw some shoot a stealth mine directly at a person and get the kill. When I upgrade mine and do the same it just goes though.


Of course you can kill them, that is my main module on my main ship for killing.
You have just to throw the mine exactly on the players ship and he explodes!


How upgraded is your module. I just got in game and it worked one time but failed the second.


It is level 5, but even level 3 can kill a player.


Anyone can kill using stealth mine if you are good enough at aiming. You have to let go as soon as the mine reaches your opponent, and if you don’t, the mine will go through.

In conclusion, just use trigger bomb.


Yep. :point_up_2:


This was created when I shot 4 people with stealth mine in one round :joy:


Clarification: The stealth mine doesn’t explode “on impact”. Rather by shooting it directly at a ship they pick it up immediately, which causes the mine to trigger.


It steals points, but it doesn’t explode them and turn them into a rocket launcher


This was back in May when it actually did kill you once you drove through it. But the system changed and now it only steals points.

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