Can my account be restored




My account has been deleted (I’ve sent tan explanation of the circumstances under which this has happened via email, but got no response).
My question is, is it possible to restore my original account “EvilS4int” I had active for years (I think I registered back in 2018.)?

This is from mail after deletition:
"If you did not delete your account, please [contact us] immediately!
Please provide the following ID so that we can try and help you: 5a968f393161c8af90c04535

Thanks & kind regards,
Nino aka EvilS4int


Hi! I checked to see if there are any support tickets regarding this issue, but I can’t find yours! Please contact us at [email protected] and someone will be able to help you there.


Hi anja,
thanks for answering!
This is strange, as I’ve sent 2 mail actually, on Thu, Mar 10, 7:12 AM and 7:17 AM with additional info.
Nevertheless, I’ve just sent another one. Can you check if this one is received now?
Thanks a bunch!


I see it now, thanks! I think you sent the first messages to the wrong email!