Can i make a background by copying and pasting?


i want to make
Aesthetic Wallpapers HD
into my background or profile picture but idk how can you tell me?

  1. Right click the image and select “Save image as” (by that, you will have the picture on your computer).
  2. Go to your Curve Fever Pro forum account (link:, click at “Preferences”.
  3. Next to your current profile picture (which is a big “i”), there is a pencil, which marks for editing, click at it.
  4. Now, you have 3 options. You are using 1. option’s profile picture currently, but, if you want to use the picture you sent a screenshot of, click at “Upload Picture” which is behind “Add a custom picture”.
  5. Check where you saved your screenshot on your computer, for example, maybe you saved it to “Downloads”, it depends on the computer.
  6. Find the picture and click at “Open”. The picture is there.
  7. Check in “Custom picture” option (by clicking inside the circle between that).
  8. Click at “Save Changes”.
  9. You are good to go.


thanks you so much your so kind :grin::grin::grin::grin: