Came back after a long time



You probably read the title, but yeah, I came back to the game after a very long time, and I love it!

My favorite part is almost certainly the artwork and UI. It fits together really well, and most importantly, it stands out. No other game I know has this style of artwork this abundant. Games like the King’s League Series and this one can attract players with it.

I also read up on a ton (but not all) Dev Blog updates. I did try out Teams recently, and I believe that although it is awesome, there were a few flaws. However, with the flaws I saw in Teams, I think I’m in the minority, so take my feedback in this regard with a pinch of salt (is that the correct expression?).

Mostly, I think it’s really difficult to damage the enemy players’ crystal. Of course, it could be just because I’m rusty, but it takes just four seconds for your enemy to block up the entrances. Given that you can’t us the Jump power to get into the ring around the crystal, this poses a problem. Unless, of course, you have mines.

But I do love the Seasons system! I think it could be improved in one aspect – instead of listing out every interval of 1,000 battle points in the season rewards, even the ones where you don’t earn anything (mostly because it personally makes me feel that I’m not getting very much out of the season rewards, which also makes me dead inside), just show the intervals where you do. The current system seems to achieve the effect of making the Battle Pass seem far more prosperous. Although, of course, that may be the intended effect. In that case, ignore the next paragraph.

What I mean is that say the system showes that you get Prize 1 after 1,000 battle points, nothing 1,000 battle points after that, and then Prize 2 at 1,000 battle points later. Instead of showed that empty slot of rewards in the middle, just show that you get Prize 1 at 1,000 points, and then Prize 2 at 2,000 points after it.

The biggest thing, however, which was the main reason I originally left, still stares back: a lack of variation. The introduction of a season pass was meant to introduce some diversity, as was the case with skins. I personally feel that the game could still improve quite a lot here. For example, say quests, maybe some events or prizes in the season that only later-level players can explore, etc.

Another thing is that the game is meant to be skill-based – at least from what I gathered last time I was here on the forum. The main reason, as I understood, was that in a less-skill-based system, the developers were afraid that the players may blame the system if they lose, which could be quite feasible.

I am a player that prefers variation and something more tangible that signifies progression. Of course, this is completely present early on in the game – new powers and stuff, XP, and so on. But in the long run, I just don’t feel that with a game that is mostly simple, unvaried, and does not have many strategies. I’m sure that there are at least 5-6 general strategies, and some good combos that can be interesting, but there could certainly be a lot more. At the moment, Curve Fever seems to follow the principle of “Easy to learn, but hard to master.” A lot of free browser games, particularly good io games, stick to this, but as a result, they become more of the sorts of games that are used to kill time when you’re too lazy to do homework. At least, that’s what I’ve seen personally.

Anyhow, I believe that introduction an entire range of increased variation in gameplay and what can be explored can help a lot. Now, this is usually the part where I go a bit too much into detail(by “usually,” I mean in terms of how things were the last time I was here on the forum), but, uh…not this time. But I will say this: with variation, crates can give more stuff, seasons and Battle Passes will have more stuff to give, there could be more incentives for the players to spend money, more strategies, etc.

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Thoughts? Ideas? I’d appreciate them!



Im glad that people come up with many different ideas on how to improve the game,every single proporsal is acceptable and democratic,in the other hand i’m very sad on how many of our expressed thoughts will not be heard,because of cf game development bankrupt,and i appreciate all efforts that developers and moderators did thoughout all these 10+ years on the entire curve fever trilogy