Bullying Awareness


This is for that certain guy. I understand that you are 14, please act like it. I understand how boys pick on girls and shit but this isnt even funny. You have been bullying me for months now. I didn’t do anything to you. You literally start shit all the time. Like what did i do to you? You do realize that cyber bullying is a severe issue. Cyber bullying is a huge reason why teens commit suicide. You have no clue what i go through and same goes for me. I don’t know how bad your home life is. I feel like its so bad to the point where you have to bodyshame and encourage horrible things because of how insecure YOU are. I am getting tired of letting you talk shit about me. Also do not come at me for posting this instead of texting it to him. The moderators do not do anything about this, and i just want EVERYONE to understand how serious this is. A lot of people know who i am talking about already. Added on: I also want you to know that when you call me “fat” and say i eat too much, you don’t know what i’m actually doing. I bet you didn’t know that months ago i stopped eating for a long time and then was forced to eat at least 1 meal a day and now sometimes my body doesn’t even let me eat. Its an issue that needs to be solved. I will be the mature one in the situation but just keep my name out ur mouth and off your keyboard.


@Liz2real this may be hard to do but embrace the stuff they say, ignore it. Don’t let them control your life, do what you think is best. I’m very insecure and had gotten death threats from time to time through people i know (including my father) my mother told me to leave the house and never come back, but the words never reached my head and I’m still a happy man. If the sh*t is that hard take a break from cfp. All im trying to say is Don’t let people control you.

p.s. I recommend not giving him the satisfaction of your unhappiness


Cyber bullying isnt cool and most of the times the people who bully others online are in a much worse situation themselves. They try to escape their own lame reality with doing some FuNnY and EdGy stuff online. Do not take them too serious and it is probably one or two dudes with mulitple accounts. Right click their names in the lobby or chat and mute them and you will be free of their nonsense.
If you feel like an account is focusing or threatening you, you could send me their names and I will take care of them when i see them next time.


Yeah thats so messed up, i wonder what you said to him lmfao


Can you expand on this? If this is brought to any moderator’s attention, I have full faith in the team to act accordingly - be it reported in-game or privately. If nothing still has been done then please let me know, we take cyber bullying very seriously and want to make CFP a fun place to take a break from the real world sometimes.


It was to you


Its your good friend Denys


Ok thanks for letting me know, I’ll take it up with him - but as suggested above, don’t give him satisfaction by replying at times or be the bigger person


:smiley: yo


R u seeing global?


are u autistic? do yk what you are saying on global


Yes, it is very important to be kind to everyone everyday.


Dude honestly this is kinda sad. And liz was provoked.


Bro and of all the places to call someone that, here?


I am not bullying anyone though. Did your parents die or something? Is that why you act the way you do?




lol the hypocrisy by liz is real, lil homie acting like a victim when she saying the n word . stupidity do be real doe. learn the definition of both bullying, and hypocrisy -_-


How am i being a hypocrite? The n word is something that was used when slavery was around. I am black, yall act like the black race can’t say it.


Last time i checked i’m not encouraging suicide and picking on someone for what they look like or do. I did not do anything to deny. Also kind of pathetic that you are joining in with deny to bully me. You must not have a life either.


ayo what my homie does i do, sorry you have no friends and dont understand that