Bugs and bots! NO FUN


I am so annoyed there are bugs like the chat bug or inability to watch replays and the latter one was here for months.

Also, will someone address the issue with 70% of players being scripted bots that won’t leave the Quickplay rooms and stay there playing 24/7 ? This is a joke


Sorry to break it to you, but you will most likely find bots only in the tutorial of the game. Surely, there were some DDoS attacks during the offical tournaments, but no longer, at least for now.
The replay system has been shut off for a long time now to save money to keep the game’s servers running. After all, the game’s company is in bankrupt and they don’t get much money from the game.
The chat bug isn’t even that bad. It’s not game breaking and it’s actually more fun to be able to chat with players from other games. This might be fixed in the next update though, so no need to be so negative about it.


It’s just sad man :///// The fact that there is little that can be done is frustrating :(((( Regarding referring to chat bug as ‘fun’, it isn’t fun when you text with someone in ur game and it suddenly tosses you to another chat, or when you realise that they couldn’t see your messages all the time. Regarding scripts no one will convince me that there is so many players that never make accounts and just casually play in the middle of the night infesting D+ QP room, never texting, always moving in the same way, that I see as playing with a single finger in those same patterned moves. This is not really hard to execute in any online game like this, with an example of many .io games


Anyway, thanks for playing to everyone, the game was real fun, ever since I encountered it in a form of cf2 in 2010, throughout years to cf3 and to what it has become. Sadly I will always keep saying this game had a great potential and I am sure that there were better ways to monetize it and make it sustainable and even more fun to play. Thanks everyone